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Do I need to bring sunscreen?

Yes I would recommend. Hats, sun shirts, polarized sunglasses are also recommended.  

Can I bring food on the boat? 

Yes. Waters and ice are provided. 

Can I bring drinks?

Yes. Water is provided. Just no glass!

What time does a charter start? 

Depends on what you work out with your captain. 

Will I get sea sick? 

Depends. Bring non drowsy Dramamine as backup if your are concerned. 

Do I need to bring my own snorkel for scallop trips? 

Adult sets are provided but if you choose to bring your own thats fine and and have kids, I would suggest bring a set. 

Do I need a fishing license? 


What else should I bring on charter trips? 

Would suggest keeping a cooler in the car for scallops and/or fish. 

Can you pick me up from another location? 

Without an additional charge - Sea Hag and Who Dat. Beyond those locations, reach out to me. 

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